ATtiny LED Control using RS485 protocol from PC

ATtiny PC RS485 communication software in CSharp dot net framework

In this tutorial ,we will control 4 LED's on the ATtiny Quad Motor Control Board from a Windows PC through a RS485 link.The Control progam running on the PC which control the LED's are written in C# and runs on the .Net Framework.The control code can also run unmodified on a Linux PC with Mono Framework installed.

GUI based Serial Communication Program using C#

building a opensource serial port programming software using C# and dot net framework

A short tutorial on building a Graphical User interface (GUI) Serial communication program using C# and Dotnet framework .The C# program is then used for communicating with an Arduino Uno /Microcontroller (ATMEL AVR,Mirochip PIC,MSP430) to send and receive data from Windows OS.You can use the opensource code to develop your own C# based serial control program.

RS485 Programming Tutorials using USB to RS485 converter

rs485 programming tutorials for beginners using usb to rs485 converterA collection of tutorials on building and controlling RS485 networks from your Windows or Linux PC using USB2SERIAL USB to RS485 converter.The PC side interfacing code is written in C,C# and Python and can run on both Windows and Linux Platforms.

Interfacing 7 Segment LED Display with FT232

lt543 7 segment LED Display  interfaced with FT232 usb to serial converter using D2XX library

In this tutorial we will interface a 7 Segment LED display serially using FT232 USB to serial converter chip and D2XX library from FTDI.D2XX is a library released by FTDI international,makers of FT232 and other FT series chip to access the advanced functions of the FT232 chip.The control program is written in standard C using D2XX library and is compiled using opensource GCC compiler on a windows 7 machine.Please note that this tutorial is specific to FT232 chip and will not work with USB to serial converter chips manufactured by other companies( like TUSB3410 from TI).

This article was featured on  link to article in hackaday,You can read the article on hackaday here.

USB2SERIAL V2.0 User Manual

This is the online usermanual for USB2SERIAL V2.0 USB to Serial/RS232/RS485 converter sold on this site.

USB to Serial,RS232,RS485 Converter (USB2SERIAL)

Buy USB to RS485/RS232/Serial converter online from India,BangaloreUSB2SERIAL is a FT232 based protocol converter which can be used as the following
   USB to RS485 converter
   USB to RS232 converter
   USB to Serial (5V/3.3V) converter
   FT232 Development Board

  No longer Manufactured,

  Please use USB2RS485 V2.2 instead 



Serial Programming using C sharp on Windows

Cross Platform serial communication using Python (PySerial)

Controlling the RTS and DTR pins of Serial Port in Linux

Welcome to the second part of the tutorial on how to configure the Serial Port on Linux.In this section we will learn to control the RTS and DTR pins of the Serial Port using ioctl() system call.

USB to 8 bit Parallel port Or Asynchronous Bit Bang mode of FT232

And finally ,after all those lecturing (for those who had the patience to go through all those previous articles ) about the IDE's,setting up a connection and so on, we have reached where the real action is.In this section we are going to convert the pins of the FT232 (TXD,RXD,RTS,DTS...RI) to an 8 bit parallel port using the good old D2XX library.One use of Asynchronous Bit bang mode is the replacement of legacy parallel port based devices using FT232 chip.


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