USB to Serial,RS232,RS485 Converter (USB2SERIAL)

Buy USB to RS485/RS232/Serial converter online from India,BangaloreUSB2SERIAL is a FT232 based protocol converter which can be used as the following
   USB to RS485 converter
   USB to RS232 converter
   USB to Serial (5V/3.3V) converter
   FT232 Development Board

  No longer Manufactured,

  Please use USB2RS485 V2.2 instead 



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User Manual
The online user manual can be found here.

OS Support
Windows (Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows7,Windows8)
Linux   (ubuntu,Mint Linux,Others)

Software Drivers
USB2SERIALV2.0 uses FTDI FT232 chip for converting USB Signals to Serial/RS485 protocol.You can download the required FTDI drivers from here.

USB2RS485 converter sold here


USB2SERIAL Controlling a 7 Segment Display using D2XX Libary from FTDI



USB2SERIAL board can be used as a

    USB to RS485 Adapter/Converter Board 
    USB to RS232 
Adapter/Converter Board 
    USB to Serial (TTL) Adapter/Converter Board (both 3.3V logic and 5V logic) 
    USB to Parallel
Converter Board (8bit and 4bit )

Can be used to build your own Linear/Multi Drop /Point to Point RS485 sensor network that can be controlled by a Linux/Windows PC.

Arduino /Raspberry PiMSP430 Launchpad / BeagleBone compatible Multi USB/RS232/RS485/TTL Converter

USB to RS485 converter with adjustable 3.3V and 5V volt logic Level Selection

Develop your Own Modbus Automation System

Learn to program FT232 chip using D2XX library and replace legacy parallel port devices with USB

Talk with your legacy RS232 based hardware.

Interface your microcontroller board easily with Linux  or Windows PC.

Cross platform software support for RS485 and serial communication in 3 languages (C,C#,Python)on Linux,Windows and Mac.

Programming the Serial and RS485 using OS native API's on Linux (termios) and Windows(Win32)

All code can be easily compiled using Free or Opensource software like GCC.

Option for Controlling the MAX485 pins using RTS/DTR pair or CBUS pins of FT232

Selectable voltage levels (serial TTL) for interfacing with both 3.3V and 5V logic microcontroller families  

Can be used as a FT232 development for learning about the various modes of FT232 like Asynchronous Bit Bang mode ,CBUS Bit Bang mode etc using the D2XX library 

LED's for indicating the status of RO,DI,RE,DE pins of MAX485 during RS485 communication Extra ground and VCC pins 

ALL pins of FT232 are brought out and clearly marked. 


RS485 Programming Tutorials

Cross Platform RS485 Communication between PC and Microcontroller in ANSI C

Cross Platform RS485 communication using Python and PySerial

RS485 Communication using C# on Linux and Windows Platforms

Controlling DC motors remotely through RS485 Protocol using USB2SERIAL and MSP430 Launchpad Booster Pack

RS485 communication between Microcontroller and x86 PC using USB2SERIAL

Serial/RS232 Programming Tutorials

Serial Port Programming using Win32 API (native API's)

Serial Port Programming on Linux using termios and ioctl() (native API's)

Cross Platform serial communication using Python (PySerial)

Serial Programming using C Sharp (C#) on Windows (.NET Framework)

Serial Port Programming using Visual Basic.Net on Windows(.Net Framework)

Serial Programming using C Sharp (C#) on Linux using Mono Framework









D2XX Programming Tutorials

FT232 USB to Serial Converter chip development using D2XX library and USB2SERIAL

USB to 8 bit Parallel port converter using USB2SERIAL and D2XX library

USB to 4 bit Parallel port converter using USB2SERIAL and D2XX library

Serial Communication using D2XX library and USB2SERIAL

RS485 Communication using D2XX library and USB2SERIAL

Interfacing 7 Segment LED Display with FT232




next time put the leds on the board itself,nice wrk


receivd the brd yesterday.7 segment tutorial is nice.integrate th e display with the brd itselff ,saves a lot of time

I want to know wheter u r providing code support for your USB to RS485 converter (Model No-USB2SERIAL V2.0) in Visual Basic .Pls help

 We are planning on providing Visual support soon for our USB to RS485 Converter .