Serial/RS485/I2C/SPI Controlled 6 Channel Relay Control Board

RS485/Serial(SPI,I2C) controlled 6 channel relay board for ArduinoA RS485/Serial/I2C/SPI controlled 6 channel Relay with built in ATtiny2313 controller and LM7805 power supply system for home automation or electrical equipment control.The board can control upto 6 relays using serial (TTL Serial,I2C or SPI) or RS485 connection thus saving the precious pins of your microcontroller.The board can be used along with Arduino, AVR or PIC boards. PC based Control Software along with source code is included for easy application development.


 Rs 1550/-    buy RS485 controlled 6 channel relay for home /factory automation    

ATtiny Development Board with Quad Motor Control and Serial/RS485 Interface

Buy ATtiny2313/ATtiny85/ATtiny13/ATtiny10 development board with Quad motor control and RS485 communication interfaceATtiny2313 development board with twin L293D drivers and MAX485 based RS485 communication Port.
The board is capable of Driving 4 DC brushed Motors bidirectionally or upto 8 Motors ominidirectionally.
User selectable motor drive voltages of 5V and 12V makes it easy to interface a variety of motors with the board.
Serial/RS485 based interface for saving microcontroller pins.
12 LED's for easy debugging and control of your Motor circuits.

   Rs 990/-       Buy atmel avr  ATtiny development board with L293D motor control chip and MAX485 RS485 interface     


USB to Serial,RS232,RS485 Converter (USB2SERIAL)

Buy USB to RS485/RS232/Serial converter online from India,BangaloreUSB2SERIAL is a FT232 based protocol converter which can be used as the following
   USB to RS485 converter
   USB to RS232 converter
   USB to Serial (5V/3.3V) converter
   FT232 Development Board

 Rs 800/-   Buy USB to RS485 Converter online  


Motor Control Booster Pack for MSP430 Launchpad (MSP-EXP430G2)

msp430 booster pack for building a robot and msp430 motorcontrol booster pack

Robot Shield V1.0 is a Booster pack for MSP430 Launchpad (MSP-EXP430G2) which can be used either as a

   MSP430 Motor Control Booster Pack for Launchpad ,
   MSP430 RS485 Communication Booster Pack 
   or a MSP430 Robot Booster Pack for Launchpad. 

 Rs 680/-      Buy MSP430 Booster Pack online from ebay 


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