Motor Control Booster Pack for MSP430 Launchpad (MSP-EXP430G2)

msp430 booster pack for building a robot and msp430 motorcontrol booster pack


Robot Shield V1.0 is a Booster pack for MSP430 Launchpad (MSP-EXP430G2) which can be used either as a

  •    MSP430 Motor Control Booster Pack for Launchpad ,
  •    MSP430 RS485 Communication Booster Pack 
  •    MSP430 Robot Building Booster Pack for Launchpad. 

The booster pack is designed for the  MSP-EXP430G2 series Launchpad board from Texas Instruments.The Booster pack provides motor control and RS485 communication capabilities to the Launchpad board.

USB to Serial/RS485 Converter

buy ft232 usb to serial ,rs485 converter for industrial ,scientific ane electronics projects

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USB2RS485 V2.2 is a FT232RL based USB to Serial/RS485 Converter for interfacing RS485 controlled devices with your PC or Mac.USB2RS485 converter is ideal for connecting Industrial and scientific equipments in high noise environments. 

The device can be used as a 

  1. USB to RS485 Converter [A,B,Ground] (half Duplex)
  2. USB to Serial Converter (TTL 5V or 3.3V logic ) 
  3. RS485 breakout board for your Microcontroller (Arduino,MSP430,Raspberry Pi etc)

Open source sample software code in C,C# and Python to develop your own RS485 communication Protocol. 

Device supports 5 Pin RS485 Port ,A,B,GND,GND,+5V out.

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