Serial Programming

GUI based Serial Communication Program using C#

building a opensource serial port programming software using C# and dot net framework

A short tutorial on building a Graphical User interface (GUI) Serial communication program using C# and Dotnet framework .The C# program is then used for communicating with an Arduino Uno /Microcontroller (ATMEL AVR,Mirochip PIC,MSP430) to send and receive data from Windows OS.You can use the opensource code to develop your own C# based serial control program.

Serial Programming using Mono and C sharp (C#) on Linux

Serial Programming tutorial using mono framework and C# on Linux Operating System

Mono is a free and opensource equivalent to the Microsoft's .Net Framework platform developed by Xamarin which can be used to run programs using the .Net framework on Linux and other Unix like systems.Mono Framework can be used to write cross platform programs that would run on both Windows and Linux like OS's with minimal or no change to the source code.

In this tutorial we will learn how to install a mono runtime and compiler on a Linux System (I am using Ubuntu here),Compile a simple hello world program and communicate with the external world ie a microcontroller board through serial port using a USB to Serial Converter (USB2SERIAL).

Serial Communication using D2XX library and FT232 chip

This is a short tutorial on how to use the D2XX library from FTDI to setup a serial connection with a microcontroller board. In this tutorial we will use a PC/Laptop running Windows OS to communicate with a MSP430 development board (Launchpad).

Serial Programming using C sharp on Windows

Cross Platform serial communication using Python (PySerial)

Serial /RS232 Programming Tutorials for Beginners

serial port programming tutorials in C,Csharp,Python on windows,Linux

Serial Port Programming

This is a collection of articles on programming the serial port of a x86 PC using C,CSharp (C#) and Python.

The tutorials covers programming the serial port using native API's like

  1. Win32 API on Windows or
  2. termios/ioctl() API on Linux.

The tutorial also explains how to program the serial port using C# on .NET framework (Windows) .

For Cross platform applications you can use the open source Python module PySerial for writing code on Windows and Linux.Since PySerial is available for Mac OSX ,the code provided here can run on Macs too(I have not tested it ).


Controlling the RTS and DTR pins of Serial Port in Linux

Welcome to the second part of the tutorial on how to configure the Serial Port on Linux.In this section we will learn to control the RTS and DTR pins of the Serial Port using ioctl() system call.

Serial Port Programming on Linux

tutorial on programming the serial port on linux distros like ubuntu,fedora ,mint linux,debian

Hello Folks,

This is a tutorial on how to program the Serial Ports on your Linux box.Serial Ports are nice little interfaces on the PC which helps you to interface your embedded system projects using a minimum number of wires.In this tutorial we will write a small program that will send and receive ASCII characters to a microcontroller development board.

Serial Port Programming using Win32 API

Controlling DTR and RTS pins of Serial Port using Win32 API

In the previous tutorial we learned about communicating with the serial port (reading and writing) using Win 32 API. In this tutorial we will look into another function that will let us control two more pins, RTS and DTR.

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