Serial Port Programming using Visual Basic.Net for Beginners

serial port programming using Visual basic and dot net framework tutorial

Hello folks,

Visual is an easy to learn language from Microsoft for the windows platform.One of the cool features of Visual is the ability to whip up good looking gui components with a few lines of code.

In this tutorial we are going to use Visual to program your PC's Serial Port and communicate with an embedded microcontroller like MSP430 or 8051.

Cross Platform RS485 Communication using C#

cross platform RS485 communication tutorial  for Linux and Windows Systems running on dot net and mono framework

In this tutorial we will learn to build and program a RS485 communication network between a x86 PC and a microcontroller board .The PC side software is written in CSharp (C#) and is targeted to run on both Linux and Windows operating systems.

ADC10 Tutorial for MSP430 Launchpad

Tutorial on configuring and programming the 10 bit ADC of MSP430 Launchpad (MSP430G2553)

Serial Programming using Mono and C sharp (C#) on Linux

Serial Programming tutorial using mono framework and C# on Linux Operating System

Mono is a free and opensource equivalent to the Microsoft's .Net Framework platform developed by Xamarin which can be used to run programs using the .Net framework on Linux and other Unix like systems.Mono Framework can be used to write cross platform programs that would run on both Windows and Linux like OS's with minimal or no change to the source code.

In this tutorial we will learn how to install a mono runtime and compiler on a Linux System (I am using Ubuntu here),Compile a simple hello world program and communicate with the external world ie a microcontroller board through serial port using a USB to Serial Converter (USB2SERIAL).

Interfacing 7 Segment LED Display with FT232

lt543 7 segment LED Display  interfaced with FT232 usb to serial converter using D2XX library

In this tutorial we will interface a 7 Segment LED display serially using FT232 USB to serial converter chip and D2XX library from FTDI.D2XX is a library released by FTDI international,makers of FT232 and other FT series chip to access the advanced functions of the FT232 chip.The control program is written in standard C using D2XX library and is compiled using opensource GCC compiler on a windows 7 machine.Please note that this tutorial is specific to FT232 chip and will not work with USB to serial converter chips manufactured by other companies( like TUSB3410 from TI).

This article was featured on  link to article in hackaday,You can read the article on hackaday here.

Interfacing 7 Segment LED Display with MSP430 Launchpad

MSP430-Launchpad interfaced with 7 segment LED display (LT543,Common cathode)

In this tutorial we will learn to interface a 7 segment LED display (LT543) with MSP430 Launchpad development board from Texas Instruments.A 7 Segment LED dispaly can be used to display a limited number of character sets like numbers(0-9),Hexadecimal characters (0-F) and a few english characters(H,L,E etc) but being a LED segment it can be easily read in the dark and is used widely on instrument panels and industrial displays.

A Brief Introduction to MSP430 using Launchpad (MSP430G2553)

In this tutorial we will be exploring the workings of a MSP430 based microcontroller from Texas Instruments.MSP430 is developed by Texas Instruments as an extremely low power 16 bit architecture for use in low power, low cost, energy constrained embedded applicationsThe Hardware used is the MSP430 Launchpad from TI which contains a programmer/Debugger + two microcontrollers making it an ideal platform to start learning about MSP430G2xxx controller.

msp430 tutorials for beginners


RS485 Communication using MAX485 and MSP430 Launchpad

In the previous tutorial we discussed how to implement a serial connection between MSP430 launchpad (MSP430G2553 ) and a PC .Serial(TTL) or RS232 protocol is fine if you are planning to communicate over short distances of a few meters,when you increase the range to a few 100 meters RS232 protocol will become inadequate.For long distance wired communication you have to use a different protocol called RS485 which can communicate over a kilometer.In this tutorial we will interface a MSP430 launchpad containing MSP430G2553 with a RS485 decoder chip from Maxim (MAX 485).

MSP430G2553 interfaced with MAX485 circuit diagram

Cross Platform RS485 Communication using USB2SERIAL (USB to RS485 Converter) in C

This is a short tutorial on how to use the USB2SERIAL (USB to RS232/RS485) converter to implement a PC controlled RS485 (TIA/EIA-485) network.In this article you will learn to communicate with a microcontroller unit from an x86 PC running either Windows or Linux  through a twisted pair RS 485 network.

The tutorial teaches you to develop Cross platform PC side software that can communicate with a RS485 network using USB2SERIAL in C (Win32 API/Linux API).

Image showing a microcontroller (MSP430 ) interfaced with PC running Window or Linux using RS485 network

Serial /RS232 Programming Tutorials for Beginners

serial port programming tutorials in C,Csharp,Python on windows,Linux

Serial Port Programming

This is a collection of articles on programming the serial port of a x86 PC using C,CSharp (C#) and Python.

The tutorials covers programming the serial port using native API's like

  1. Win32 API on Windows or
  2. termios/ioctl() API on Linux.

The tutorial also explains how to program the serial port using C# on .NET framework (Windows) .

For Cross platform applications you can use the open source Python module PySerial for writing code on Windows and Linux.Since PySerial is available for Mac OSX ,the code provided here can run on Macs too(I have not tested it ).



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