Serial Programming Tutorials for Beginners

serial programming  tutorial  for beginners  in c csharp and python This is a collection of articles on programming the serial port of a x86 PC using C,CSharp (C#) and Python.

The code presented in the tutorials are written using open source or freely downloadable softwares like GCC,Microsoft Visual Studio Express Edition,Active Python,SharpDevelop etc.

The tutorials are applicable to both traditional DB9 serial ports as well as USB to Serial converter chip based hardwares like FT232.


RS485 Programming Tutorials using USB to RS485 converter

rs485 programming tutorials for beginners using usb to rs485 converterA collection of tutorials on building and controlling RS485 networks from your Windows or Linux PC using USB2SERIAL USB to RS485 converter.The PC side interfacing code is written in C,C# and Python and can run on both Windows and Linux Platforms.

DIY MSP430 Launchpad based Robot

msp430 line following robot building tutorialAn easy to build robot using MSP430 Launchpad and a couple of spare cardboards.The robot uses two geared motors for locomotion in differential drive configuration.The electronics part consists of a 20 pin MSP430G2553 microcontroller acting as the brain connected to L293D motor driver chip for driving the robot and a MAX 485 chip for RS485 communication. An external 6 bit port (5 ADC channels) is made from the remaining IO lines of the MSP430 to connect with the line sensors


MSP430 Launchpad Booster Pack Tutorials

 msp430 launchpad robot control booster pack

A collection of tutorials and projects that you can build using Motor Control Booster Pack.The MSP430 Launchpad booster pack is designed to provide motor control and RS485 communication facilities to the MSP430 launchpad development (MSP-EXP430G2) board.

MSP430 Launchpad Tutorial for Beginners

practical msp430 launchpad tutorial for beginnersA short introduction to MSP430G2553 microcontroller and its various peripherals like I/O Ports,ADC, UART ,SPI,I2C (USCI_B0) etc using Launchpad Development board.The codes are written in C and can be compiled using IAR Embedded  Workbench  or   Code  Composer  Studio.

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FT232 Tutorials using D2XX Library

ft232 d2xx programming tutorialsIntroduction to the inner workings of FT232 USB to Serial Converter chip using D2XX library from FTDI.

The tutorial teaches how to configure Asynchronous,Synchronous and CBUS bitbang modes of FT232 and build cool projects using those modes.The code is written in C and compiled using GCC.


Embedded Software,IDE,Compiler Tutorials

tutorials on configuring IAR embedded work bench,Eclipse IDE,VisualStudio etcA collection of tutorials on creating and configuring projects using a variety of embedded Software development IDE's and Frameworks like IAR embedded WorkBench,Code Composer Studio,Visual Studio,Eclipse,Code::Blocks etc.




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