USB to Serial/RS485 Converter

buy ft232 usb to serial ,rs485 converter for industrial ,scientific ane electronics projects

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USB2RS485 V2.2 is a FT232RL based USB to Serial/RS485 Converter for interfacing RS485 controlled devices with your PC or Mac.USB2RS485 converter is ideal for connecting Industrial and scientific equipments in high noise environments. 

The device can be used as a 

  1. USB to RS485 Converter [A,B,Ground] (half Duplex)
  2. USB to Serial Converter (TTL 5V or 3.3V logic ) 
  3. RS485 breakout board for your Microcontroller (Arduino,MSP430,Raspberry Pi etc)

Open source sample software code in C,C# and Python to develop your own RS485 communication Protocol. 

Device supports 5 Pin RS485 Port ,A,B,GND,GND,+5V out.

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buy ft232 usb to rs485 converter industrial and scientific applications from india

USB2RS485 V2.2 is an easy to use USB to RS485/Serial converter based on the popular FT232RL chip from FTDI.The converter can be used to interface a variety of Devices/Sensors that support RS485 protocol like Industrial Power meters,Relay Modules,Temperature and humidity sensors with your Windows,Linux or Mac.

The device appears as a USB Virtual COM port  to the computer to which the Operating System/ Application program can send or receive commands to communicate with the attached RS485 device.

The board  consists of two sections 

  1. A USB to Serial Converter Section made wit the popular FT232RL chip, which converts the USB signals to TTL Serial Signals (RX,TX,~DTR and ~RTS)
  2. Serial to RS485 converter Section which converts the Serial TTL signals (RX,TX) to RS485 Complaint differential Signals (A,B).The ~DTR and ~RTS signals are used to control the direction of transmission of the RS485 section.

The Two sections are connected through the the Jumper J4.

Ft232 based isolated USB to RS 485 converter for scientific and industrial applications

The USB2RS485 V2.2 board also has selectable IO logic levels to interface with both 5V and 3.3V compatible microcontrollers.

The board also has extra 5V,3.3V and ground pins to power external circuits.


OS Support

linux,windows10,Mac OSX compatible usb to Rs485 converter for industrial and scientific applications

USB2RS485 V2.2  can be used with either Windows,Linux or Mac OSX platforms.


Required Device Drivers

The USB to RS485 converter uses the popular FT232RL chip from FTDI which is widely supported.The drivers can be easily downloaded from FTDI website using this link.

In Linux ,the drivers are already integrated into the kernel.


Sample Codes for Application development.

rs485 control and monitoring software development in c,Csharp and Python using opensource tools

We also offer Free and open source codes for developing client side RS485 software for Control and communication with RS485 capable devices like Energy meters,Relay Control units ,Sensors etc.You can develop software on  all major operating System platforms like Windows,Linux and Mac OS.

The languages and platforms offered are 

  • C (Win32/64 API ,Linux Termios API)
  • C# (.Net Framework /Mono Framework)
  • Python 3.x.x 

The Source codes are available with their respective tutorials on our website.

Please check the tutorial section at the bottom.



  • USB2RS485 V2.2 can be used as a
    • USB to Serial Converter
    • USB to RS485 Converter
    • RS485 Break out board for Arduino,ATMEL AVR,PIC or MSP430 Microcontroller boards


  • FT232RL based design for stable and High speed RS485 communication.
  • Dimensions  92mm (Length) X 31mm (width)
  • 5 Pin RS485 Connector A,B,Ground,Ground,+5V out .
  • High Noise Immunity,Suitable for Industrial applications
  • Excellent driver support on all 3 Major Operating Systems like Windows,Linux and Mac OS X.
  • Develop your Own Modbus Automation System.
  • Can be used to build your own Linear/Multi Drop /Point to Point RS485 sensor network that can be controlled by a Linux/Windows PC or Mac.
  • Excellent software development support for building client side applications in C,C# and Python on Windows ,Linux ,MacOSX platforms.
  • Native software development using Win32/64 API on Windows and Termios API on Linux.
  • Selectable IO Logic levels to interface with both 5V and 3.3V logic level compatible Microcontrollers.
  • LED's for indicating the status of RO,DI,RE,DE pins of MAX485 during RS485 communication
  • Extra +5V,+3.3V and Ground pins for powering external Circuits 



  • Interfacing with RS485/Modbus enabled Energy Meters
  • Controlling Boom Barriers using RS485 Protocol
  • Communicating and Controlling RS485 Sensors (Temperature, Humidity)
  • Interfacing with RS485 enabled Relay Modules
  • CCTV Pan/Tilt control
  • Long Distance wired communication
  • Building Home Automation systems using RS485/Modbus Protocol
  • Lighting Control using RS485 Protocol
  • Garden Equipment Control using RS485 Protocol
  • Industrial Automation
  • Test Fixtures for automated testing
  • Do It Yourself and Hobby projects involving RS485 Protocol