A Brief Introduction to MSP430 using Launchpad (MSP430G2553)

In this tutorial we will be exploring the workings of a MSP430 based microcontroller from Texas Instruments.MSP430 is developed by Texas Instruments as an extremely low power 16 bit architecture for use in low power, low cost, energy constrained embedded applicationsThe Hardware used is the MSP430 Launchpad from TI which contains a programmer/Debugger + two microcontrollers making it an ideal platform to start learning about MSP430G2xxx controller.

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Please note that this tutorial is a work in progress so new info will be added as it becomes available.

Tutorial Overview

In this tutorial,I will be focusing on MSP430G2553 which comes along with the Launchpad development kit.MSP430G2553 comes in a easy to use 20 pin DIP package with a 10 bit, 8 channel ADC,2 timers,1 UART,16KB Flash and 512 bytes of RAM.The code in the tutorial is written in embedded C and is compiled with an code limited version of IAR embedded workbench.You can also use Code Composer Studio from Texas Instruments.Before beginning I would recommend you to get a copy of the MSP430G2xxx user manual (slau144j.pdf) from TI website.It is better to print out the relevant sections of the usermanual for  peripherals like ADC,timer uart etc so that you can easily browse through it. 

Table of Contents 

Ports of MSP430

Interfacing 7 Segment LED display with MSP430G2553

Clock System and Low Power Modes of MSP430

Watch Dog Timer (WDT+) of  MSP430

ADC10 of MSP430

Timer A of MSP430

Serial Communication using MSP430 UART(USCI_A)

RS485 Communication using MAX485 and MSP430


IAR Embedded Workbench Tutorial for MSP430

Code Composer Studio tutorial for MSP430 Launchpad


Motor Control using L293D and MSP430

Building a Robot using MSP430 Launchpad



  • MSP430 Microcontroller Basics by John H. Davies (newnes Press)