ATtiny Development Board with Quad Motor Control and Serial/RS485 Interface

Buy ATtiny2313/ATtiny85/ATtiny13/ATtiny10 development board with Quad motor control and RS485 communication interfaceATtiny2313 development board with twin L293D drivers and MAX485 based RS485 communication Port.
The board is capable of Driving 4 DC brushed Motors bidirectionally or upto 8 Motors ominidirectionally.
User selectable motor drive voltages of 5V and 12V makes it easy to interface a variety of motors with the board.
Serial/RS485 based interface for saving microcontroller pins.
12 LED's for easy debugging and control of your Motor circuits.

     Buy atmel avr  ATtiny development board with L293D motor control chip and MAX485 RS485 interface     



ATtiny2313 Robot development board with twin L293D chips and MAX485 RS485 Port

ATtiny RS485 Quad Motor Control board is a AVR development board with 20 pin ATtiny2313 microcontroller along with Motor control and RS485 communication Ports. The motor control section contains two L293D chips and the RS485 communication section is build around the popular MAX485 chip from Maxim.

The Board is designed for controlling upto 4 DC brushed motors bidirectionally(Clockwise,Anticlockwise) or 8 motors unidirectionally through a serial interface like UART or RS485 port. You can use the board as a slave unit for controlling the motors of your robot through a serial interface which will save the pins of your host microcontroller.Ideal for your next robotic Project.

The user can also select the voltage levels (5V and 12V) at which the motors are driven using a jumper. This provides a flexible way for connecting a variety of motors to your board. 

The 12 LED's present on the board shows the Logic Levels of the 2 L293D chips on the board. 

Screw terminals on the board provide an easy way to connect your motors to the board. Extra 12V ,5V and Ground Pins are available.

The Board can be easily programmed using any commonly available AVR programmers like USBtinyISP.

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  • Built in 20pin ATtiny2313A controller
  • ATtiny2313A- 2KFlash, RAM-128bytes, EEPROM-128Bytes 
  • Twin L293D motor drivers for bidirectional control of 4 DC motors
  • Control upto 8 DC motors (undirectional)
  • can be used to drive Stepper motors
  • MAX485 based half duplex RS485 communication Port
  • Selectable Motor Drive Voltages for 5V and 12V motors
  • Build in Serial port(USART) for Serial Control
  • 12 LED's for easy debugging of Motor Control Circuits
  • 6 pin ISP Programming connector (AVR ISP) 
  • Screw terminals for connecting Motors
  • Extra Ground ,5V and 12 V power connectors
  • Dimensions 93mm X 60mm,Double sided,FR4 PCB

User Manual

Usermanual for the board can be found online here 


Circuit Diagram/SourceCodes

link to xanthium enterprises repo on Github containing code for serial communication between PC and Micro Controller using Visual  

Circuit Diagram of the ATtiny2313 Quad Motor Control Board can be downloaded from here.

All the sourcecodes,circuit diagrams are available on our github page ,you can download them as a zip file by clicking here.









thanks,gr8 board for building robots

Purchased this board few days back. Its working fine. The build quality is good.One thing i like is that the main chip and the motor driver chips of the board are removable,you can reuse them if u want:-)

Working fine, checked it using 2 motors

thanks rxed the brd

ATtiny based bidirectional motor control using L293D can be used to parallel 16 motor can explain

ATtiny based bidirectional motor control using L293D to control 16 motor in serial my mail

Dear karthikeyan R

Could you please explain your Requirements more clearly.

Do you wish to control 16 DC motors bidirectionally?

You can check out our Motor Control board here 

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Thanks , nice board ,Good Value for money

How do i Buy,I am outside india

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