8051 Development Board with ADC0809 for Robotics

Easy to use 8051 development board with 8 channel ADC0808/09 and L293D based Motor control section.The 8051 board can be easily programmed through USB and no external programmer is required.The board has 7 external ADC channels and can control two DC motors.

The board is ideal for learning Robotics and Embedded system development using 8051.


  • 8051 Microcontroller - Nuvoton W78E052DDG (8051 derivative )
    • 40 pin DIP package
    • 8 KB of Flash memory
    • 256B of SRAM
    • Four 8 bit Bi directional ports
    • 1 Full Duplex UART
    • Three 16bit timers/Counters
    • 8 Interrupt sources
    • Watch Dog Timer
    • Max frequency of 40 MHz
  • On board ADC0808/09 8bit,8 Channel ,SAR based Analog to Digital Converter 
  • L293D motor control chip for controlling 2 DC Brushed Motors.
  • 7 External Analog ADC channels for interfacing with analog sensors.
  • Build in Potentiometer on Analog channel A0 of ADC0808/09 for easy experimentation. 
  • FT232 based USB to Serial converter for interfacing 8051 with PC USB port
  • 2 Tactile switches for Interrupt based user Input.
  • 8 LED's connected to Port 1 for Debugging
  • Easy access to Port1,Port2 and Port3 of 8051 through Bergstrip connectors.
  • 8051 Development Board with build in ISP USB programmer.
  • No external programmer required
  • Can be powered by USB Port (Except Motors)
  • Can be powered by 12V DC Jack (Including Motors connected to M1 and M2 Connectors)
  • Extra Ground,5V and 12V pins .
  • Software code support for both Keil uVision IDE and opensource Small Device C compiler (SDCC).

Block Diagram


block diagram of 8051 development board with adc0809 and motor control features



User Manual