Motor Control Booster Pack for MSP430 Launchpad (MSP-EXP430G2)

msp430 booster pack for building a robot and msp430 motorcontrol booster pack

Robot Shield V1.0 is a Booster pack for MSP430 Launchpad (MSP-EXP430G2) which can be used either as a

   MSP430 Motor Control Booster Pack for Launchpad ,
   MSP430 RS485 Communication Booster Pack 
   or a MSP430 Robot Booster Pack for Launchpad. 

 Rs 680/-      Buy MSP430 Booster Pack online from ebay 


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The MSP430 Launchpad booster pack is designed to provide motor control and RS485 communication facilities to the MSP430 launchpad development (MSP-EXP430G2) board.The Motor control section is build around the popular L293D Quadruple H bridge driver chip,which can be used to provide Bidirectional control to 2 DC brushed motors.The RS485 section is built around MAX485 from Maxim Semiconductors to provide long range communication capabilities.The board can be used for learning robotics using MSP430.

Booster Pack for MSP430 Launchpad buy online India


A short introduction to MSP430 Booster pack for motor control and RS485 Communication.


Designed to be plugged on MSP430 Launchpad Board (MSP-EXP430G2).

Contains L293D Dual H bridge motor controller chip for interfacing DC motors with MSP430 Launchpad (acts as a motor control booster pack)

MAX485 based RS485 communication section for communicating with RS485 enabled devices and for creating your own industrial multi drop network(acts as a RS485 communication booster Pack).

Robot shield can be used to build your own MSP430 Launchpad powered Robot.

Control Motors using PC (Windows /Linux ) through RS485 or Serial connection.

LED's for indicating the status of Motor Control Chip and RS485 chip for easy debugging and development.

MSP430 sample code for Motor communication and RS485 communication

Cross Platform Sample code in Python and CSharp (C#) for remote controlling the MSP430 Robot shield from Linux or Windows PC




gr8 product

nice one,as advertised

hey great booster pack

Hey nice MSP430 Development board ,I'm currently using it for controlling my porch light,will put it in Instructable soon..... (@_@)

Cool Booster Pack,thanks
energia code will be welcome