MSP430 schematic parts library for Kicad EDA suite

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download msp430 microcontroller schematic part libraries for Kicad

Hi Folks,

Here are a few MSP430 schematic part libraries I made for use with Kicad EDA suite.The schematic parts can be used with Eeschema schematic capture program in Kicad.Most parts are in SMD format and some in DIP package.


download Kicad schematic part libraries for MSP430 microcontrollers likeMSP430F161x, MSP430F543x and MSP430G2553 All the Schematic Parts can be downloaded from our Github page 

If you are new to Github Check this article to download the part libraries .


download msp430f161x,msp430g2553,msp430f5436a kicad part library

The schematic part libraries are available for

MSP430F1xxx family members like MSP430F1610,MSP430F1611 and MSP430F1612
MSP430F54xx Family members like MSP430F5436,MSP430F5438,MSP430F5310 etc
MSP430G2xx3 Family Members like MSP430G2553

MSP430 Schematic Part Library List

Name  Type  Package
MSP430F1610 SMD  64 Pin LQFP
MSP430F1611 SMD 64 Pin LQFP
MSP430F1612 SMD 64 Pin LQFP
MSP430F5310 SMD 48 Pin LQFP
MSP430F5436 SMD 64 Pin LQFP
MSP430F5438 SMD 64 Pin LQFP
MSP430F5419 SMD 64 Pin LQFP
MSP430F5435 SMD 80 Pin LQFP
MSP430F5437 SMD 80 Pin LQFP
MSP430F5418 SMD 80 Pin LQFP
MSP430G2553 SMD 28 Pin TSSOP


All the parts can be downloaded from our Github page 



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